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acu-massage hawaii has a team of professional, dedicated and  experienced employees. Please allow them to introduce themselves below.  


 Kaori is Japan native who brings a diversity of life experience to her work as a health care provider. In 1997 she completed Goto Medical College to her Acupuncture and Massage program and became National Licensed acupuncturist and Massage therapist.

 Since then, Kaori worked in several clinics and spas with stroke rehabilitation program, pain relief, improving well- being of those with chronic health problems in Japan and Hawaii.

 she has completed courses in both Cancer massage Therapy and Trigger points Manipulation in Kapionani community college massage continue education program.

 she has taking many fertility acupuncture seminiers and study the field.


Main Focuses

 Kaori has a life long interest  in the support of cancer patients both during and after treatment, and also has a strong interest and experience in the management of women’s health and fertility, pain relief, and improving the well-being of those with chronic health problems.



Professional History 


1997 Natational licensed Acupuncturist in Japan

1997 Natational licensed Shiatsu Anma Massage Therapist In Japan

2002 Hawaii State Massage Therapist

2009 Hawaii State Acupuncturist





Massage therapist

Available : Sundays and Monday/


Her speciality is Shiatsu, Deep tissue, Lomi Lomi, Swedish massage.

Naoko's clients love her deep tissue massage combine with Shiatsu.

She has been into many kind of sports, Her background is Physical education.

Her interest, her life is sports.


Here is what she says


I understand that reducing your stress, maintaining your healthy glow and appearance is an important part in your life, My treatments and services are desighned to forcus on your well-being.


I go surfiung almost everyday so I know exactly where I should massage for surfers!! But not only surfers !! I get alot of power from the Ocean, so My hand has good energy. I would give my all good energy to your body.


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