Acupuncture weight loss

Weight Management program : The combination of – Acupuncture, Chinese herbs and nutrition along with exercise that helps manage weight in a healthy, individual manner. Our programs include Body Firm online fitness; Internet-based personal training, detailed lesson plans, one-month meal plan to lose 10 pounds or more with recipes and a nutrition guide. Contact the personal trainer via e-mail.

Acupuncture speeds the metabolism, reduces cravings and helps reduce stress. A typical treatment plan consists of an initial consultation followed by acupuncture. Herbal supplements are used to adjust metabolism, energy and food cravings. Weekly acupuncture treatments are recommended during the first 3 months to accelerate results. As everyone responds differently to treatment, each step along the way, up to and including a maintenance program once the desired weight goal has been achieved, is done on an individual basis. 

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Body Firm is an internet based fitness services focused on providing customized one on one treatment to help you reach your fitness goals. Whatever it is; losing weight, attending a Fit Camp, an injury rehab, event preparation (such as wedding day or reninion), getting toned or just having customized work-out, We will exceed your expectations with designing the right package just for you. Whatever your fitness needs are Body firm will bring you results! If you are tired of the same old fitness battle then you need to contact us today. Stop doing things that get you no results. At last, learn how to get to your goals, smarter, faster, and safer.

  • Detailed lesson plans
  • All exercised clearly pictured, desribed and presented "live"
  • One-month meal plan to lose !! ponds
  • Daily motivational Lizlines
  • Weight and calorie tracker
  • Personal contact the trainer

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